Title Author Publication Year
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Scientists Muster to Help Right Whales Laurence P. Madin Oceanus 2004
Doing the Right Thing for the Right Whale Lonny Lippsett Oceanus 2005
Diving into the Right Whale Gene Pool Lonny Lippsett Oceanus 2005
Ultrasonic measurement of blubber thickness in right whales M.J. Moore, C.A. Miller, M.S. Morss, R. Arthur, W.A. Lange, K.G. Prada, M.K. Marx and E.A. Frey Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 2001
Morphometry, gross morphology and available histopathology in North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) mortalities (1970-2002) Michael J. Moore, Amy R. Knowlton, Scott D. Kraus, William A. McLellan and Robert K. Bonde Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 2004
Whither the North Atlantic Right Whale? Michael Moore Oceanus 2004
Mortality and Serious Injury Determinations for Baleen Whale Stocks along the United States Eastern Seaboard and Adjacent Canadian Maritimes, 2001-2005 Misty Nelson, Mendy Garron, Richard L. Merrick, Richard M. Pace III, and Timothy V.N. Cole Northeast Fisheries Science Center 2007
Sexual Composition and Analysis of Reproductive Females in the North Atlantic Right Whale, Eubalana glacialis, Population Moira W. Brown, Scott D. Kraus, David E. Gaskin and Bradley N. White Marine Mammal Science 1994

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