NARWC Data Access


Since the materials in the various Consortium datasets come from numerous independent individuals and institutions, these datasets are not strictly proprietary. Rather, they represent a scientific resource, and access to the data for scientific, educational, conservation and management purposes is encouraged. Contributors to the datasets are given first access to the data in recognition of their contribution, and contributors have full and unrestricted access to use of their own data. The level of an individual or organizationís contribution to the data may weight their rights to, and use of, the full database. After that, proposals for data access from scientists, managers, students or other individuals with a bona fide purpose will be reviewed by the Consortium Board members. Given the great effort required to collect the available data, the Consortium and the curators of the data have an obligation to protect the rights of contributors by placing certain restrictions or conditions upon access to, and use of, the materials within it. Access to one or more of the Consortium databases may be requested via the Consortium Executive Administrator through a single proposal following the Data Access Protocol link above.