Submitting Photographs and Data to the NARWC

If you have photographs or video of right whales that you would like to submit to the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, please click HERE.

Please note that dedicated right whale survey teams should follow full submission protocols which are linked above.

NARWC Database Background

The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Databases were established in 1986 as part of a cooperative right whale research program conducted by the University of Rhode Island, New England Aquarium, Center for Coastal Studies, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and other organizations forming the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium. The data are comprised of two major datasets: the survey and “Sightings database”, maintained and curated by the University of Rhode Island, and the “Identification database” (formally the “Photo-Identification” database), maintained and curated by the New England Aquarium. Descriptions of these datasets, as well as full database submission protocols for each, can be found via the tabs above.

In addition, there are several other databases that contain other types of biological data on right whales, contributed by numerous investigators, including: genetics, blubber thickness measurements, contaminant levels, necropsy findings and health assessment scores. These data are all linked to the Identification database by animal identification number.