One of the most effective ways to carry out the Consortium mission is to hold annual meetings at which research, new techniques, management strategies, and other facets of right whale conservation are shared and discussed. The Annual Meeting of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium is the only annual event during which all stakeholders have the opportunity to gather and exchange ideas and information, and therefore we view this meeting as an invaluable resource to the management and conservation of this species.

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Schedule and Participants

The next annual meeting of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium will be held at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 22nd, 2017. This one-day meeting will preceed the 22nd Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.

The Annual Meeting agenda each year includes the Business Meeting. During this meeting, vacant Board positions are filled, the membership hears updates from various management teams, and discussions about the role the Consortium as an entity does and can play in right whale conservation and management take place.

In addition to the Business Meeting, research, management, conservation, and education presentations are planned. Attendance of NARWC members at the meeting is encouraged and there is not a requirement to present to attend.

PLEASE NOTE! The 2017 NARWC Annual Meeting will be a one-day meeting and will feature invited talks as well as population updates.


The annual meeting of the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium is closed to the media. While we respect and appreciate the importance of media on right whale issues, many of the presentations are of works in progress that are being shared in confidence among colleagues. It would be detrimental to the study, the researchers, and the whales if the results of work in progress appeared in the media prior to their publication in a scientific journal. The consortium meeting has always been a forum for free exchange of information and ideas between scientists and conservationists from academia, governments and NGOs. If there were media present, this open discussion would not be possible for some participants. We are willing to provide contact information of experts in the field to the media for direct contact outside the context of this meeting. We appreciate your understanding.

2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

The Draft Agenda for the 2017 NARWC Annual Meeting will be available in September 2017