Eubalaena blogialis

In March 2014, the NARWC Education Committee launched a new blog series called Eubalaena blogialis. The goal of this series is to share information on the latest work being done to protect right whales. Each month a new blog will be posted for the series on the Facebook page Face-ing Extinction. Additionally, blog posts are linked below.

Blog #1: WDC, March 19 2014 1, 2,....7,570 ways to save whales!

Blog #2: NEAq, April 9 2014 Calving Season Drawing to a Close

Blog #3: RI Natural History Survey, May 23 2014 Marine Mammals of Rhode Island, Part 2, North Atlantic Right Whale

Blog #4: CCS, July 18 2014 Right Whale Research Program Field Notes

Blog #5: Audobon Society of Rhode Island, July 30 2014 "There She Blows Again!" A Marine Biologist's Journey on a Whale Ship

Blog #6: New England Aquarium, September 3, 2014 Roseway Basin - Part Deux

Blog #7: Northeast Fisheries Science Center, October 24, 2014 Right Whale Sign Campaign

Blog #8: New Bedford Whaling Museum, January 27, 2015 Right Whales Through the Eyes of Herman Melville